Angelique Sunshine's

Grow Your Destiny

Decades of experience teaching manifestation and increased awareness.

“Grow Your Destiny” mentor’s people who want to manifest their wildest dreams by creating their own reality so they can love themselves and others without judgment, raise their vibrational frequency to attract exactly what they want, and become a permanent manifestation magnet for life!

How does it work?

( Hint - it's easy! )


Areas of

Training and Growth

  • Identify your significant dream and passion
  • Reprogram your mindset to fit your reality
  • Understand how your body impacts the manifestation process
  • Increase your energy vibrations to improve manifestation
  • Improve self-awareness and perspective 
  • Create a grounded confidence and competency
  • Eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and actions
  • Develop a stronger relationship with God and self